Starter Maintenance Plan

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Starter Maintenance Plan

We provide this affordable solution to take away the frustration of not being able to use your computer when you need it the most. Our management system monitors and maintains your workstation(s) to enhance performance and protect against a host of issues that could arise. Our management system will check-in with your computer(s) throughout the day and alert us when a problem is detected. We check a range of issues. When we are notified of imminent failures, we can quickly address them, saving you from lost productivity. Giving you peace of mind and your computer running is our primary focus. The following benefits are included in our Starter Maintenance Plan:

  • Managed Antivirus
  • Automated tasks
  • Security patch updates
  • 3rd party application updates
  • Clean temporary files
  • Process monitoring
  • Hard drive monitoring
  • Remote support
  • User Training   
  • Disk Defragmentation
  • Mobile Device Management

Whats included:

  • Technology Services and Solutions will manage your antivirus to ensure that it is kept up to date
  • Automated tasks – We create tasks that will run on a daily basis the will help stabilize and optimize your computer
  • Security Patch Updates – We will ensure that your computer is update with the latest system updates and security patches
  • 3rd Party Updates – We will update your 3rd party applications, These are applications that you install such as Chrome, Firefox, Adobe, etc…
  • We will automatically clean the temporary files on your computer on a daily basis. This will help with clutter and disk space consumption. This also allows an additional layer of security.
  • We will monitor certain processes on the system to ensure your computer is functioning as it should.
  • Hard-drive monitoring – We’ll monitor your hard drive proactively watching out for signs of failure
  • One hour of remote support per month for any issue that you may be experiencing.
  • One hour of user training per month. This can be for anything that is IT related.
  • System defragementation is performed once per month. This will to increase access speed by rearranging files stored on your hard drive.
  • System Lockdown to Mitigate Risk of Infection -We’ll setup & configure your system to dramatically reduce the chance of an infection or compromise.
  • Mobile Device Management – We can apply a wide range of security and management controls to mobile devices

Whats not included:

  • Installation and configuration of new equipment, major systems/hardware upgrades, virtualization, major network reconfiguration and other project requests
  • Major software upgrades such as OS upgrades, new management systems, database implementations, etc
  • Internal moves and moves to new locations
  • Changes to previously configured systems that are currently working as intended/expected
  • Hardware failures
  • Recovering and rebuilding after disasters including but not limited to floods, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, lightning strikes, pipe leaks, power surges/failures, etc
  • Pickup/return or onsite repair or support services
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What is remote computer support?

Remote computer support, also known as ‘online support’, allows us to remotely view your computer screen and securely fix most computer and network problems right through the Internet via remote control. This type of computer support works through ‘desktop sharing’ technology.

How do I access support?

You can logon to our website and initiate a session via live chat or send us an email to schedule.

What is the software that’s included?

We provide a host of tools that we use to maintain your system. Alternatively, you may use your own or purchase a different software and we will manage that software also


Is it secure?

Yes. When you start a support session there is an encrypted connection between your computer and the technician’s computer. That ensures your security and privacy. You are always in control of your mouse (cursor). During your session you will see the technician using your cursor to locate and fix problems and  you can end the session at any time.

Can you access my computer after service has been completed?

No, not until you request service again. Once your service is complete and you log out of the support session, we can no longer see or access your computer.

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes. Simply give us a call or submit a support ticket.